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Carbonero, Iron Gray Spanish Gelding, 8 years old

Born on 2/01/2009, Carbo is an adorable horse, with size. He measures 1m63, he is easy to handle, behaves very well with other horses, he can live in a box or in the meadow (with us, he is in a box).

Carbo is ridden by our current students, he is very easy, can really suit all types of riders, has a super collected canter that is very comfortable and reassuring.

He doesn't take your hand, he doesn't bite, he doesn't chuckle.

It's a simple horse and really worth it!

On a ride, he goes everywhere, is not at all on the eye, he goes where his rider asks him.

He is in order of Spanish passport with photo (not full paper), vermifuge, shoeing, sanitary export document and registered  the CWBC

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