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Lucky, Hispano-Arab foal

I was so excited to have you my little Lucky and yet, everything did not go as planned.

I had bred with Hazal's, our bay Hispano-Arab stallion and my best mare Stella, you promised to be exceptional!

The gestation lasted and my darling mare grew visibly, when you finally came into the world, she gave everything to give you life and let hers go.

We bottle-fed you for 10 days every hour, I promised Stella that I would take good care of you but it's so difficult, you look so much like her...

Fortunately a call, a miracle, a young girl (Sophie) offers me her mare for milk. Despite our stress, we give it a try, you're so skinny... Sophie's mare had just lost her foal and accepts you right away, that's it, you're saved... Having fulfilled my commitment given to Stella, I'm going to see you sporadically and you look like him every day a little more...

May time help me to love you as much as I loved her!


His daddy is Hazal'S, a bay Hispano-Anglo-Arabian stallion with lots of hair

The day of its creation in natural breeding

His mother is the sweet Stella, hispano-arabian trout

Lucky, 3 months

at 6 months

At 9 months

Lucky, at a year and a half

Lucky is 3 years and 3 months old: he did a breaking-in internship with Claire Stevenaert and Laure. He was exemplary... We let him finish growing before actually working on him.

When I think we raised him on a bottle...and now he's BIG!

Lucky on a hike: as much energy as his mother that we loved so much

with its new owner, Fanny

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257627515_347679433823268_5350753087378765047_n (598x800).jpg
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32349154_1734028436690055_580474442191208448_n (800x638).jpg
192728442_4045311072228435_4424237826533100799_n (600x800).jpg
44587763_1955331587893071_1298850096594550784_n (800x527).jpg
257464257_574588783613396_4329197425864465884_n (800x600).jpg
257139120_954208512119370_9031981923219465697_n (800x533).jpg
257157153_1062991797848961_1755561177518934411_n (640x800).jpg
44740268_1955330984559798_5912275409273094144_n (528x800).jpg
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