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Especial de Biau, Smocky Filly

Especial de Biau, PRE smocky black filly, 2 and a half years old

Especial was born on 03/10/2015.

She is the daughter of Furia III (PRE black, origins Escalera, Lazo Diaz, Yeguada Militar) and Despert II (PRE smocky black from our Spanish friend of whom we already have several visible offspring, origins Peralta).

She is a promising filly with a baroque and very compact morphology.

She will make a superb breeding or show mare because she has character and superb gaits.

A filly to see!!!! truly amazing!

With its rare color and natural charisma, Especial will seduce you.

She is tied up, gives her feet, goes for a walk on the road in traffic (dogs, trucks, cars...).

She is in order of ANCCE Spanish passport (full paper) + title card, vaccines (flu, tetanus, rhino), deworming, trimming, transfer document


1adsfe (800x533).jpg
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248870582_10222811860232826_8382949763804975091_n (504x800).jpg
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253750721_570903887313654_8705056142856043126_n (800x450).jpg
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