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Costalero, Iberian gelding x paint,

5 years old, superb


He was born on 26/02/2015 and measures +au- 1m62.

Like his half-brother Sonador, he is a superb, very baroque and really well-made horse.


Costalero is a great track horse, he can be placed at 3 gaits and will quickly be very good for classic dressage for whoever wants to put him in his hands. He is really very willful and endearing. He learns fast !


E ride, he goes absolutely everywhere and is not afraid of anything in traffic etc...

He participated in a 3 day hike in Picardy with gallop on the beach and was super awesome. He encountered a lot of traffic there and did not move at all…

We took him swimming at the lake and he enjoyed the moment. It passes over bridges, in the water of the sea, in narrow passages...


A horse of rare beauty with an exceptional morphology !!!! It is very well marked !


He is very well hitched in pair with his half brother (Sonador).

He rides very well in a truck and also in a van.

He is in order with his Spanish passport with photos (not full paper), vaccines, deworming, shoeing of the 2 forelegs, transfer document, registered with the CWBC.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86

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