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Cuca, Iberian Mare,

tall and adorable, 3 years old

Cuca is a very pretty mare with size, she measures 1m60+au-.

Born on June 20, 2017, she is 3 and a half years old and is already very promising because of her kindness and her motivation to do well.

DSC_0024 (800x556).jpg
DSC_0066 (800x518).jpg
DSC_0942 (800x573).jpg
DSC_0973 (533x800).jpg
DSC_0920 (800x540).jpg
DSC_0997 (800x590).jpg
DSC_0919 (800x556).jpg
DSC_0945 (800x501).jpg
DSC_0030 (800x541).jpg
DSC_0950 (800x541).jpg
DSC_0160 (800x576).jpg
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