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Estepena, gray Iberian mare,walker, 5 years old

She was born on 20/04/2016 and measures 1m55+au-.

Estepena is a very sweet and very kind mare, willful and really wants to please her rider.

She seems to be made for the ride, she is super friendly and easy going.

In a group, she goes absolutely everywhere: she took part in a day of hiking in the Ardennes where she was simply brilliant and a day at the Abbaye d'Aulne.

She can also go on her own but needs a bit of encouragement (she doesn't do anything mean, bite, kick, board).

We also went swimming with her at the lake and there too, a top mare.

She can live in a box or in the meadow (currently in a box but during the rides she was in the meadow with other horses). It also rides easily in a van.

She is in order of Spanish passport (not full paper), transfer document, registered with the CWBC, in order of shoeing and deworming.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86

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