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Sonia, bay Iberian mare,

7 years old, top ride

Sonia, bay Iberian mare, 7 years old, top ride

Sonia was born on 08/10/2014 and measures 1m50+au-.

She is a compact and very pretty little mare.

Breaked in by us in May 2021, she is ridden with the bit but also very good student with the halter (on the track at 3 paces without worry see video).

On the track, it can suit all types of riders, it is voluntary and appreciates that we take care of it (loves scratching scratches) and will be very good for work on foot and why not freedom. She works with a halter and will be quite good for the show (we are teaching her the recumbent).

On a walk, she took part in a hike at Lac du Val Joly in June, a week-long hike in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel with a gallop on the beach in a group or solo. She really goes everywhere and even agrees to guide the group as soon as we motivate her a little.

She can live in a box or in the meadow (currently in a box) but on the trail she was in the meadow with other horses (changing group and no worries).

She rides in a van without worry and also in a truck.

Sonia saw the dentist in July 2021 for her annual follow-up.


She is in order of Spanish passport with photo (not full paper), transfer document, registered with the CWBC, in order of shoeing, deworming.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86 or 0494/58.64.77

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